Rental Guidelines

Use of the Museum shall fall within the rules set forth by the administration and shall not conflict with general Museum visitation or programs.

Use of the Museum facility shall not be permitted for profit-making activities leading to private or individual gain (including, but not restricted to, ticketed admission charge), nor for activities classified as games of chance. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Museum facility.

In all cases, groups or organizations are required to indemnify and hold harmless the Tri-Cities Historical Museum from any and all claims, costs and liabilities arising out of or in connection with their use of facilities.

Application for permission to use Museum facilities shall be made by any groups with the Museum Director and Exhibit/Program Coordinator. Total amount of the projected event fee is due upon confirmation of booking. Five business days are required for cancellation for full refund. Less than five business days' notice will result in a 50% refund.

The Museum Director shall have prior right to schedule facilities for Museum use first and is authorized to approve or to deny use of Museum facilities within the approved building use policy and his discretion. Approval may be granted by Director and Exhibit Program Coordinator, only after a review of the event intent, date available, hours and staff availability, space and equipment needs, security and safety precautions, and liability.

Care of Museum Property

The Tri-Cities Historical Museum is housed in an historic building with artifacts.  Supervision is provided by the Museum, including security, to ensure the protection of Museum property. The enforcement of these regulations and the confinement of people and activities to the area is agreed to under the rental permit. The group or organization receiving the permit for use of the Museum facilities shall be responsible for all damage or loss of Museum property. The Museum may not be altered in any way, including fixing signage, posters, streamers, balloons, etc. to walls, furniture, or curtains. Any display must be placed on portable easels, tables, or chairs.

Use after public museum hours will require two security staff, one at both front and rear entrances. An after-hours staffing fee of $25 per hour will be charged.

Service use of food in the Museum is restricted to the discretion of the Museum Director. A $50.00 fee for use of the kichen facility will be charged.

After-Hours Usage

Guided tours after business hours will incur after-hour expense for security purposes. The Museum reserves the right to provide rental use of the Museum for events that offer the Museum the opportunity for business/corporate development and community awareness. The Museum could also require the involvement of senior staff during the event that may include (but is not restricted to) welcoming remarks, brief Museum introduction, or guided tour.

Private social events that have no Museum focus (weddings, wedding receptions, showers, funerals, christenings, anniversary parties, engagement and private dinner parties) will not be allowed for members only. Memorial services may be held in conjunction with past Museum involvement and/or a bequest to the Museum.

All rental parties and their guests are expected to be respectful of the historic building, the artifacts and exhibits in the museum facility. 

Alcoholic beverages may be served with the approval of the Museum Director, only allowed inside the building, and required to be dispensed by an insured licensed beverage service.  Events serving alcohol require a cleaning feel of $100.00.

The use of food service equipment that may be harmful to the artifacts is strictly prohibited. Such equipment includes: equipment utilizing flammable gas under pressure; electrical and mechanical food preparation equipment, except as confined to the Museum’s kitchen.  Utilization of a caterer requires that caterer call and visit the Museum prior to the event to discuss restrictions, set-up requirements and event plans. Caterer is responsible for all set up and clean up of Centennial Hall.  A $50.00 fee for use of the kichen facility will be charged.

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