Outreach Programs & Loan Kits

These kits come fully equipped for classroom use, complete with hands-on artifacts, historical images, and a curriculum for teachers to use. Loan Kits can also be scheduled to be presented as outreach programs given by Museum staff or docents. These presentations are suitable for students, senior citizens, and other community groups.

Loan Kit topics include:

  • FurTradeChristmas Ornaments - learn about the history of ornaments and see examples from the 1920s to today
  • Civil War - learn about Michigan's involvement in the war and see objects a Civil War soldier would use 
  • Coast Guard - learn how Grand Haven became Coast  Guard City, U.S.A.
  • Fur Trade -see objects available in a Fur Trade post and learn about the importance of the Fur Trade to our state
  • History of Valentines - learn the history, from the Middle Ages to today, behind this annual celebration
  • Lumbering - learn about the jobs and tools that were part of the Lumber Era in Michigan
  • Symbols of Michigan - learn about the symbols associated with our state
  • Michigan Forts & Soldiers - learn about the lives of soldiers in Michigan during the periods of the French and English occupation
  • Michigan Furs - handle the furs of Michigan animals ranging from a white ermine to a black bear! 
  • Michigan Rocks - learn about rocks and minerals that are found in our state 
  • Native American - interact with artifacts and pictures to learn the history and culture of the People of the Three Fires
  • Native American Games - contains several Native American games which are fun for kids to play
  • Old-Fashioned Games - contains several games for kids to play that were popular over 100 years ago! 
  • Pioneering - learn about the life and work that occurred inside a pioneer cabin
  • Tri-Cities Resorts - explore the history of tourism in the Tri-Cities areaPioneers
  • Victorian Era- learn about the culture, inventions, customs and leaders of the time of history named for Queen Victoria
  • WWII - learn about life on the home front and the major events of WWII 
  • Who Wears This Hat? - a kit geared for preschoolers which matches hats to occupations 

If you're interested in setting up a tour or program click here to download our interest form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Education Department at (616) 842-0700 or by emailing Cate Reed

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