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60 Centuries of Copper

This article appeared in the Grand Haven Tribune in Spring of 2015 written by Mike VerHulst, Exhibits Facilitator at the Tri-Cities Historical Museum

If there is one thing the modern world couldn't live without, that thing wouldn't be oil; it would be electricity.  Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives and it is delivered in many ways.  Solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear power, and burning fossil fuels are all examples of ways electricity is generated.  All of this power is useless unless it can be delivered, and that's where one very important element comes in: copper.

Just about everything that uses electricity relies on copper for one or more aspects of its function.  Copper wires run through the walls of buildings to power the lights and appliances that make our daily lives easier.  An average car has about 50 pounds of copper wiring and larger vehicles, such as SUVs, have about 100 pounds of copper wiring.  Even handheld electronics like smart phones, mp3 players and tablets rely on copper because their circuit boards are etched from copper plates to create paths where the data and power can travel.

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Volunteers Benefit the Community and Themselves

This article was published in the Grand Haven Tribune in October 2014 written by Kevin Geary, Curator of Education/Volunteer Coordinator and Cate Reed, Education Program

The benefits of volunteering are many and varied.  Giving back to your community is one of the main benefits. Volunteering also creates positive feelings within the individual. Furthermore, it is an excellent tool for those in and out of the workforce.

For the retired, being a volunteer is an excellent way to maintain the skills used while working. It provides an opportunity to practice the skills learned in the workforce, while leaving out the less pleasant aspects of the job that were faced on a day-to-day basis when working full time. For example, retired teachers may miss the opportunity to work with children, but are happy to leave lesson planning, conferences, and grading far behind.

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Community Participation Supports Musuem Mission

This article was published in the Grand Haven Tribune in January 2014, written by Kevin Geary, Curator of Education

Community participation enriches both the area and the lives of the people involved.  For many years, the Tri-Cities Historical Museum has been active in a wonderful event, Winterfest, which is an excellent example of a community coming together and enjoying their locale.  Local residents and out-of-town visitors have a multitude of activities to choose from, including contests like the Human Sled Race, a Euchre tournament, making snow angels, and the annual photography contest.

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Crafts Help Connect to History

This article was published in February of 2014, written by Kevin Geary, Curator of Education

Crafts today are luxuries; ways to pass time, learn a new skill, or decorate our homes.  But there was a time in our past when crafting was a necessity.  Without the skills learned through crafts, families would not have access to furniture, clothing, and other basic needs.

Traditional materials are usually used in crafting.  The huge variety of trees in the United States provides wood of striking color and pattern variations that are used in furniture and woodworking.  Glass and clay offer endless possibilities in making decorative pieces for the home.  Grasses, plants, and flowers allow cloth makers, weavers, knitters, and spinners the chance to create a rainbow of color pallets to dye their yarn to use in their work.

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2014 Home Tour 

This article was published by the Grand Haven Tribune in April 2014, written by Kevin Geary, Curator of Education 

One visible way the Tri-Cities Historical Museum showcases historic preservation is through its annual Historic Home Tour.  In the past two years, the museum has shifted the focus of its tour away from Christmas decorations to one that stresses architectural details and significance.

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